Sneak Peek: “No Gods or Kings, only Irrational Games”

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I am a Rebel, Rebel Without a Cause!

Irrational Game is famous for its SystemShock and Bioshock game series, and if you haven’t played it yet, YOU SHOULD! However, this post isn’t about the games they produce, it’s more about their forum, and its aesthetic design and system of achievement.

The badges/achievement system in the Irrational forum was designed with the following elements:Irrational Games

  • Beautifully designed badges with a common theme
  • Funny, light-hearted design style
  • Users are rewarded for everything they do – including getting dislikes on their post!
  • Each achievement is unique and sometime you won’t be expecting
  • Shows who first unlocks a specific achievement
  • Secret achievements for users to explore

If you are wondering what you should do to Gamify your forum, Check Irrational out! Get inspire, and play some games! 

More Achievements:

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