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Gamification’s Who’s Who

From researchers, to philosophers, to CEO’s, here’s a list of some of the top influential people in the world of gamification:


Catherine Aurelio

Creative Director at Bunchball

 “By addressing the human needs and game mechanics, we can make great changes in the world”

 McGonigal, Expert, Gamification

Jane McGonigal

Author of “Reality is Broken” and founder of Gameful

 “Gaming can make a better world”

 Ian Bogost, Gamification Guru

Ian Bogost

Philosopher and video game researcher

“Gamification is bullshit…”

 Keith Smith, Gamification Guru, Bid Door

Keith Smith 

CEO Bigdoor

“Game mechanics encourage users to engage with your content on a much deeper level. Users will stay long, come back more often, and generate more revenue for you.” 

 Sebastian Deterding, Gamification Guru

Sebastian Deterding

PhD Researcher studying game design

“Provide a story with meaning that connects to your users’ everyday lives; provide a rule system they can master; provide a free space they can play in.”, Gamification Summit

Gabe Zichermann

Blogger at and author of “Game-based Marketing”

“Don’t fight the game trend, become one with the game and play with your kids!”

Gamification Expert

“Your Name Here”We’re building the guru list, add your name or company here!“Share with the world what you have to offer about Gamification”

If you’re dedicated to learning and sharing gamification, let us know your name and website, and we’ll share your info here! Comment, tweet, or Contact us!


Jeff Malek

Co-Founder and CTO – @jpmalek

Matt Shobe

Chief Design Officer – @shobe

Tommy Lee

VP Business Development – @pikopoki

Carrie Peters

VP marketing – @carriepeters

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