Gamification: Jesse Schell “The Advergamer”

“Beyond Facebook, beyond consoles and even computer screens , games are becoming the medium for everyday life.” – Jesse Schell


Advergaming just might soon become as recognizable a term as gamification. According to Jesse Schell,  considered one of the world’s top game designers, the Gamepocalypse is the merging of games with everything else in life.  Schell has worked as a designer, programmer and manager for Disney Theme Parks to Toontown Online [the first MMO (massive multiplayer online) for kids].  Before that he worked in performance as a writer, director, juggler, comedian and circus artist. Today he is Director of Schell Games, which he started in 2004.  He also teaches Game Design classes at the Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Centre. Badges of honor:


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  1. Thanks for the plug! There is a newer and better version of this talk to be found here:

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