The Rise of Gamification Platforms

The Rise of an Industry

A few years ago, no one would have ever expected the video game industry to be as big as it is today. From pixel to next-gen graphic, games have evolved, and stood the test of time. Many things changed in the industry, but the one thing that stays constant are games power of engagement.

Today, the revolution of Gamification has the most influential impact on businesses around the world. From sport, restaurant, healthcare to creating a greener environment, Gamification has shown us what it’s capable of. If you’re not part of the action now, well, you may already be too late…

…but don’t worry, EnGaming is here to save you! Again! Here are some of the most popular Gamification Platforms that can possibly solve all your problems.

Gamification Platforms

What is a Gamification Platform? It’s a platform that provides your website/business with a gamified system, that will increase the engagement and loyalty of your customers and your employees. Most of the Gamification Platforms today provide your site with achievements, levels, badges, progression, level system, customization, personal profiles, leader boards and social networking.

(The following Gamification Platforms are not sorted in particular order)

RedCritter offers a series of Apps and programs that help Gamify the workplace!  Among them, the RedCritter Tracker is a project management tool that allows participants to create profiles and work towards points that can be used to buy company benefits on their “rewards market.” @TheRedCritter 

Gigya offers a series of social tools and plug-ins that help connect companies with their customers on social networks and enhance your websites with leaderboards, achievements, and badges.  The Gigya platform enables you to bring the power of social networks to your site to enhance user traffic, engagement, and loyalty! @Gigya

Bunchball’s Nitro Platform offers businesses ways to create a whole new experience for their customers by adding compelling and meaningful game elements!  The Nitro Platform offers a variety of options to encourage user engagement and enhance social networking. @bunchball

Big Door has developed a Virtual Economy platform which can be used by companies to add customized game mechanics to their sites or apps.  By providing rewards, recognition, and status updates, Big Door offers ways to connect more easily with your customers or fans and rewards them for their loyalty. @bigdoor

Gamify offers a universal Gamification Platform and provides game mechanics for any website or application!  Gamify encourages new, fun, and engaging ways to interact on the web by offering customization, rewards, real-time feedback and analytics. @Gamify

Cloudcaptive is a UserInfuser, which is designed to drive user engagement through game mechanics to build an online social community!  The UserInfuser is a system that explores the gamification of influence, how to entice and drive user incentive, and maximize the user experience. @CloudCaptive

Badgeville is a behavior platform. The Dynamic Game Engine (patent pending platform) allows businesses to connect, track, and reward their users by setting up Social Loyalty Programs.  The DGE is made to be integrated seamlessly and easily into your company’s existing website, or mobile and social applications! @badgeville

CrowdTwist is a Social Loyalty platform which offers brands and companies a way to enhance their user experience through customer reward systems, and an activity engine which tracks consumer interactions.  Users are rewarded for any online activity involving your site or even on other sites like Facebook and Youtube, and can spend those points for online discounts! @CrowdTwist

IActionable created Engage, a loyalty platform designed to bring employers and employees together with compelling and rewarding game mechanics!   Engage increases productivity by engaging employees with clearer feedback and distinct recognition and giving companies a better way to align their focus and efforts. @IActionable

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