Gamification DIY! Pt.1

So you’ve heard a lot about gamification, and now you want to apply it to your business! You’ve read through our past posts Should you gamify your business, the 10 don’ts of gamification, and the psychology of gamification, and decided against gamification platforms. You want to do something in-house and here’s how!

To do gamification yourself, and do it right, consider these all important steps:

1. Identify goals

This is the first step in any plan. Ask yourself, “What do you want your users to do”? Do you want them to retweet, post an answer to a question, buy your product or return to the website? Realize it’s not just your goal that’s important; gaming is always about the user experience. Ask yourself, “What are my users’ goals when they come to my website or use my [insert product name here]”? Once you’ve decided that, you’re on the right track!

2. Consider rewards

This covers what you can feasibly reward people with. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, there must be meaningful value associated with the reward, and the reward need not be extrinsic. Can you give your customers a discount, access to an exclusive event or special website privileges? Remember this is not a contest; anyone and everyone should have a chance to obtain these rewards.

Design the ultimate experience

Now that you have your goals, and the key to motivate users to accomplish them, how are you going to design the user experience to make customers loyal, excited, and engaged? Brainstorm and research uninhibitedly, and once you’ve come up with a model look into feasibility like website functionality and design or programming skills needed. If you can’t do it, or pay someone else to, think about how you could change aspects of it to something you CAN do.

Now you’re ready to start gamifying. Check out our following posts where we go in more detail and show you how to take it to the next level!

Trying to gamify something? Let us know and we’ll cover it in our future posts!

We want to hear from you!

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