10 Worst Gamified Concepts Ever!: fourcheater [2/10]

fourcheater, not to be confused with foursquare, is a location-based, online social game that’s powered by players, just like you! Now you can Keep up with your cheating, Discover new mistresses, Save money & unlock rewards.

  • Keep up with your cheating: Millions of people check in to motels and bars every day to meet up with their secret lovers, connect with other cheaters, and share their experiences through comments and tips online, live!
  • Discover new cheating places: Looking for a hot spot or a cheap motel nearby? 4Cheaters helps you find the best in any area, and the more cheaters check in, the better fourcheater gets at recommending new places to explore!
  • Save money & unlock rewards: fourcheater specials, get savings and rewards at your favourite motels! Check-ins can earn you 20% off your bill and get a freebie for next time! You can even become the “Pimp” of the motel.

Unlock badges with your expertise!

  • “Pimp”: check-in to 3 different places with different “friends” within 24hrs. Award: Get 20% off your next meal!
  • “Close Call”: check-in to a motel with your secret lover within 5km of your house. Award: A new SIM card for your secret calls.
  • “Saviour”: Help out a fellow fourcheater user by backing up his lie on a social network of your choice. Award: The secret handbook of cheating ($99 value).

Be a part of the cheating community!

  • Leader-boards: Show off what a master cheater you are by putting up the number of people you have cheated on with and the location you have been to.
  • Share your story: Give advice and get some in return. 
  • Work as a team: Team up with fellow cheaters to make your lies bulletproof by faking status updates and comments on your Facebook wall.

Sign up now! Be part of the 15,000,000-strong fourcheater community!

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