10 Worst Gamified Concepts Ever!: Spoiled Brat House [1/10]

Spoiled Brat House, not to be confused with HighScore House, is an online game that’s powered by the real-world. You can use this application to spoil your kids and help them to grow up to be just like Paris Hilton!  You let your kids pick the set of tasks (obviously, because they’re always right), and when they complete the tasks they get points, which they can redeem for real rewards like a new car or a trip to Milan. Some examples of tasks are:

  • Whine for no reason – 10 points
  • Being rude to your parents – 10-100 points
  • Complain about gifts not being good enough – 50 points
  • Throwing a tantrum – 10 points per objects you break!

There are also hidden challenges that you and your kid can unlock along the way! (Easter Egg~). Such as:

    • “Got an iPad”: To unlock this badge, get an iPad from your parents. Award: Get another iPad!
    • “Give your mom the finger”: To unlock this badge, give your mom the finger in public. Award: Diamond rings to put on that finger.
    • “Trash-Talk”: To unlock this badge, complain about your family on Facebook. Award: Get a new laptop! (Warning to kids: you’re parents must opt into this app, otherwise this could happen……)


What are you waiting for?! Get Spoiled today!

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