10 Worst Gamified Concepts Ever!: “Robbing Hero 2: Cloppy’s out on Bail” [3/10]

Robbing Hero 2, not to be confused with Ribbon Hero 2, is an online game that helps you master the art of robbing. Have you avoided robbing because you don’t know how? Straight from the Evil Secret Lair we present Robbing Hero 2: Cloppy’s out on Bail.

The game is available as a free download and serves to educate in the art of purse snatching, pick-pocketing, and other common theft activities.


Cloppy, (Clippy’s evil twin) one of the Office Assistants which didn’t make the cut for Microsoft Office, just got out of jail and is looking to make some green to fund his drug addiction. However, instead of finding a job, he decides to rob people instead. He travels to different parts of the city, from China Town to the Suburbs, looking for his prey. In each area, there are several people to  rob before moving to the next place.


Earn points in the game by completing theft activities and geting rewarded with badges and trophies. Once you master a level, you’re ready to try out your new skills in the real world. Badges include:

  • Grand Theft Auto: Steal a car and drive at least 20 km before abandoning it. (350 pts + free gas)
  • The Workout: Chase your prey for at least 2 km before snatching that purse. (200 pts + 1mth gym membership)
  • Hit and Run: Knock out your prey before robbing them.  (235 pts)
  • The Bank Job: Rob a bank with a weapon. (500 pts)
  • The Black Belt: Rob a bank without a weapon. (1000 pts)
  • Elderly Assistance: Rob a person older than 60 years old. (175 pts + bingo card)
  • Candy from a baby: Find a baby and take whatever it has. (150 pts + candy)


Cash in your points to earn awesome rewards to help you become an even better robber!

  • Black full face mask 100 pts
  • Too small leather gloves 150 pts
  • BB gun 200 pts
  • Swiss Army Knife 500 pts
  • Ninja Stars 750
  • Taser 1000 pts.

What are you waiting for?! Rob-some today!

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