You Got Leaderboarded! A Gamification Tool for the Rest of Us


Via Mario Herger @mherger,

“When Toby Beresford from Pailz started a gamification guru leaderboard – which of course can only happen in the gamification space – he wouldn’t predict what he’s going to create more than just a simple leaderboard. But trying to rank them according to their Twitter-tweets and other public criteria turned out to be quite some work. And that’s where he had his epiphany: he created a toolkit that allows him to manage his gamification guru leaderboard, as well as define new leaderboards for any topic. And the best is: Toby made the toolkit available to the public.

He created, where workshop or conference organizers, or anyone who wants to rank topic experts can create rankings. By creating datasources for Twitter, Klout, Google+ and others, and by specifying hashtags, user names, scores etc. you can feed your leaderboard with the right activity to build up your ranking. A new leaderboard then must only be connected to datasources, the sources weighted and the frequency of new calculations be scheduled.

The whole setup is without any programming, easy to understand and quickly done. Once you have done all this, you can share the leaderboard with your audience. Toby himself plans to offer a commercial version as well. Multiple workshop organizers have already tested the leaderboard. The start-page highlights them in more detail. In the meantime you can try the beta-version of it.”

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