Gamified! Google ‘Zerg Rush’ and let the game begin

via Libe Goad @libe_goad,

If you head to Google today and search for ‘Zerg Rush,’ you’ll get the appropriate search results and soon find your page bombarded by an onslaught of ‘O’s that will eat away at your results.

You can dispatch the hungry ‘O’s with a few clicks of the mouse, but like the fast-moving ‘Zerg’ enemies in the popular PC game series StarCraft, you’ll soon find your page overwhelmed and the ‘O’s do their own version of a friendly victory dance by lining up to form two ‘G’s, which I presume is short for “good game.” There’s an option to share your score on Google+, or clear the screen and try again.

I’m not sure there’s a practical method, or reason, for gamifying the search engine — it’s usually a very transactional experience. But, if there’s any way to make using a search engine more fun, I have yet to think of a better example than this, along with the often delightful Google Doodles. Bravo, Google. Bravo.

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