Best Mobile Startups 2012: MOGL, Eating Out Gamified!

via Sarah Silbert, @laptopmag

MOGL: Eating Out–Gamified

Eatery-themed apps are hardly just for finding your next favorite restaurant à la Yelp. MOGL, a San Diego-based startup founded in 2010, combines restaurant loyalty with charitable donations. Each time a MOGL user spends $20 at a partner restaurant, the app donates a meal to a person in need via the organization Feeding in America. But it’s not all about giving; users who pay for their meals with a credit card that’s been registered at get 10 percent cash back each month. MOGL also rewards the top three customers every month at participating restaurants with a cash prize.

Why the Competition Should Care

Gamification, the concept of providing award-based incentives to spend money, lose weight, provide charity or any other task imaginable, has been sweeping the tech world as of late. In fact, the San Francisco startup Gamify is devoted entirely to bringing gamification to businesses and their customers.

MOGL’s most direct competitors in this area are apps such as Foursquare, which rewards users with badges and points for checking in at venues and often provides discounts and perks to the users who check in most frequently. However, MOGL adds extra appeal to the

mix by offering all users savings with its 10 percent cash-back program, plus the feel-good bonus of giving meals to those in need each time they buy a meal at a participating restaurant.

And it doesn’t hurt that using MOGL to earn rewards is dead-simple. Users simply pay with their registered credit or debit card—no digital coupons or loyalty cards required.


Currently, MOGL’s app for Android and iPhone is fully up and running only in San Diego, but the startup is working on expanding its restaurant rewards program to New York and San Francico. Considering that the company has raised a cool $12.4 million since its launch, we expect MOGL to be around for many meals to come.

Founded: 2010
Funding: $12.4 million
Employees: 50+
Headquarters: San Diego

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