Educational Games Studio Launches Online Science Quiz


Spongelab Interactive, an online science education company, has launched a free online version of Knowledge Mine, an interactive science quiz and trivia game that combines puzzle genres to challenge and reward players’ knowledge of biology.

Based in Toronto, Spongelab Interactive integrates educational design with advanced Web and gaming technology to create 3D environments for game-based learning, integrated with intelligent feedback tools.
The new release interatcs with players using over 3,500 questions in such topics as biochemistry, human anatomy, genetics, ecology, zoology, science history, evolution and more. Designed as a study and review tool for grade 7-12 science students, the game can be played in any Web browser and requires a free Spongelab account.
The release of Spongelab’s latest game is accompanied by the public beta testing of Dragon Breeder, an educational game about genetic theory, which can also be played for free on the Spongelab online platform. Spongelab’s interactive games are designed with the 21st century learner in mind, and can be integrated into the Spongelab platform’s toolset of online teaching tools that enable content to be deployed to the classroom and tracked through user metrics.

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