CoinKeeper Released For Android – Simplifies Daily Finance

via BrothaTech,

I can safely say that nobody enjoys personal finance. It is a necessary evil for most. The popular CoinKeeper app for iOS has now been released for Android devices and attempts to add a level simplicity into paying the bills.

At the heart of daily finance is tracking daily expenses. Without consistently tracking what you spend on a daily basis, the big picture of where your money is going will be nearly impossible to visualize. CoinKeeper for iOS and now Android breaks down the routine process of tracking daily expenditures to a process of simply moving coins to their appropriate buckets.

Once you set up your income sources, accounts & expense categories, you can start moving coins from/to appropriate locations to represent expenditures. For example, when you get paid, you can move a coin from an income source to an account. Every time you spend money, you can move coins from credit/ATM/debit cards, or you wallet to expense categories. Moving coins will trigger additional options (dollar amount of transaction & date) for more detailed tracking. As you move coins around, the app tracks your spending and can provide detailed reports about what, when, and where you spend your money.

You can also create budgets, set goals, and get points for reaching goals, adding a little bit of gamification to make your finances more fun.

I messed around with the free trial version and there seems to be no limit to the amount of customization or detail to keep track of your daily spending. Ponying up for a premium subscription gives you the ability to backup your data in the cloud, sync your data with multiple devices, budget sharing with family and friends, and other features.

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