Belly Up To The Counter

via Carol L. Schroeder,

There is a new player in the customer loyalty game, and games are in fact part of the appeal to consumers. The program is called the Belly Card, and the company’s goal is to reinvent customer loyalty rewards through gamification and digital check-ins. Belly is based on an in-store iPad, supplied by the company, that is used to validate paying customers at the point of sale.


Part of the appeal of this program is the quick-setup and plug-and-play rewards platform. Merchants pay a monthly subscription fee, and in addition to the iPad they receive unlimited Belly cards to hand out to customers, in-store marketing materials and secure access to customer data that reveals sales, points and redemption data, as well as insights into foot traffic and card usage patterns.

Another appealing aspect of the Belly Card is that it is universal — in other words you can use it to earn rewards at different participating businesses. We do hear from customers using our shop’s rewards program (which we’re not planning on changing at this point) that they don’t like having to keep track of lots of separate cards.


I signed up for a Belly Card at one of our coffee shops on Monroe Street, and it was very simple to do. Now that I have the card, I can scan it on the in-store iPad POS at any participating business. I could also use my smartphone if I didn’t have the card with me. The idea is that with each check-in, I will get closer to a specific milestone and reward. Each business stipulates its own rewards.

The mobile app on smartphones or iPads shows the participating businesses in my area. Since Belly Card only launched a year ago, it is still growing its base of participating merchants, but there are several already in our area.

If you don’t already have a rewards program, or are ready for a change, you might want to look into the Belly Card. It’s certain to appeal especially to younger customers who will appreciate the fun aspects of the program and its mobility.

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