New iOS App Begins Gamification Of Twitter


The games publisher Funbox Media is pleased to announce the release of TweetDAQ for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, a free app that charts performance on Twitter recording weekly figures and all time highs across a number of measures. The app works by plugging into Twitter’s Open API, and recording the latest account information every time it is loaded.

Number of tweets, retweets received, new followers and several more figures are listed to give some measure of Twitter performance and leader boards and Center integration make it a very competitive pastime.

Victoria Hatch, director of Nyx Digital, the developer of the app said, “Like many things, the idea for this was conceived in conversation with friends. A few of us were discussing Twitter and how many followers we each had. I really wanted to see how I was doing each week and the app developed from there.”

“Originally the idea was to provide a means of keeping track of a Twitter account; how it ebbs and flows from week to week but we realized early in development how much fun was to be had in comparing stats so we built leader boards and integrated it with and the game element really took shape from there.”

“We’re really keen to see how it evolves; how people use it. We want the feedback we get to really shape the direction the next iteration takes. Its an open project and we’re excited to see where it goes!”

– Game Centre Integration
– Leaderboards
– Invites
– Unique stats such as ‘Sphere of Influence’

TweetDAQ 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Users are invited to submit feedback either by email or via Twitter: @TweetDAQapp.

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