[Gamificaiton & Tech] Hawk-Eye Gamifies Ball Tracking Technology

via Kris Sangani, eandt.theiet.org

Hawk-Eye, whose ball tracking technology is part of the adjudication process in cricket and tennis has teamed up with Imagination, a creative agency, to devise a gamification platform for Ford to promote their sponsorship and involvement in the EUEFA Champions League whose final was on the 19th of May featuring Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

Hawk-Eye is delivering Ford’s consumer-facing experience at the UEFA Champions Festival at Munich’s Olympic Park. The high-tech penalty shoot-out, named Ford B-MAX Challenge, tests the participants’ power and precision with a football. Those who try the game will receive instantaneous feedback with Hawk-Eye analysis that they can share on Facebook and Twitter.

100 thousand people are expected to visit the 2012 UEFA Champions Festival over the four day event and have access to the Ford B-Max Challenge.

“This is the first time we’ve worked with Hawk-Eye and we think the result will bring Ford, technology and football together in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Visitors to the Ford B-MAX Challenge will not be disappointed,” said Richard Foulkes Imagination’s Business and Special Projects Director.

“The creative and technical talents of the combined teams will lead to some remarkable results. We’re destined to create some never before seen activities that will be sought after by brands who wish to engage with the public in new and immersive ways.”

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