3 Benefits Of Gamification In Microsite Design

In case you need a reminder about why gamification is great, or some ammunition to convince someone else of its worth, here are three great reasons to employ gamification in microsite design.

via Jessica Collier @jsscacollier, business2community.com

We all know that microsites are a great way to attract visitors with insightful and educational content. Well, what if you could increase the interaction and sharing potential of your microsites? Gamification is all about that.

So, what is gamification? According to the site, gamification.org, it’s defined as:

The concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.

When you combine gamification elements into your microsite design, you’ll build something entertains your visitors and gets them to spend more time on your site while also providing helpful information – a win for them and for you.

Here are the top three reasons why you should incorporate gamification into your microsite design:

  1. Entertainment – More consumers want more entertainment. Traditional mediums, such as TV, don’t give them the interactive experience they crave. This is why more of today’s buyers play video games and participate in social and mobile apps with gamification built into them.
  2. Sharing and social interaction – In our connected world, it’s easy to share things with friends or colleagues, within seconds. When you include gamification elements in a well-developed microsite design, you fulfill a human motivation to engage and interact with others.  This is one of the most compelling reasons to incorporate gamification elements into your landing experiences with awards, interactive content and options for sharing.
  3. It’s already proven – This is nothing new to those already seeing results from gamification strategies. From Facebook games to mobile apps, more visitors engage in entertaining content and games that reward them for their participation.  This is where the rubber meets the road and where you get your message out, quicker and to more of your target audience.

Real life examples of gamification

I came across this great post on Simply Zesty and thought it would go great with this discussion on gamification. It highlights some big brands who have used gamification to successfully engage visitors, gather more leads and promote their brand. I’ll just highlight a few here:

  • Green Giant and Farmville – When Green Giant teamed up with Farmville, they used both offline and online elements. With incentives for Farmville cash with certain Green Giant products, they still hit their target audience and sold more products with the incentive.
  • Krave – With a strategic microsite design, involving gamification elements, Krave saw positive results. They then expanded into a mobile app and Facebook game. Again, with prizes, social interaction and ways to add more points, Krave created something that entertains and encourages more interaction with their brand.

These are two great examples that show you how you can incorporate gamification elements into your microsite design while also reaching your online marketing goals. Gamification is a great way to increase your audience, hold their attention and lead them to a conversion point- all while having a little fun along the way!

Has gamification helped your microsite results?

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