Latest Updates [including Gamification] Empower Cord Cutting Revolution

Internet TV has been around for a number of years now.  For many people the computer continues to replace an increasing number of electronic devices, but many of us still hang on to that traditional TV set.  With their latest update, including gamification mechanics, hopes to make the transition to computer-based TV much more easy and enticing.


The latest mass revolution of Internet users seeking low-cost alternatives to traditional cable, labeled ‘cord cutters,’ are buzzing over the newest updates from free web channel guide The online TV authority is now giving fans an inside beta look into the newest features of their comprehensive guide, which are set to fully release later this week. launched earlier this year to much hype and quickly gained a massive following from Internet users looking for an easy way to watch their favorite TV shows online. After only a few months of research, customer feedback, and social innovations, FreeCast anticipates this new update will greatly enhance user experience.

First on FreeCast’s long list of improvements is the inclusion of a universal login, allowing users to sign-in to the site with their preexisting social accounts, including Facebook, Twitter and Google, among others.

Additionally, FreeCast’s impressive 5000+ channel selection has been enhanced with a new show interface that includes thousands of classic and current TV shows from the major television and cable networks, each with its own unique show page where users can find series info, free video links, social platforms and other show-related material. Combined with the site’s new Show Search feature, users will now be able to search for any show from any era and instantly start watching full episodes. All for free.

With newly incorporated social elements, users will now be able to discuss shows as they watch, let friends know what they’re watching, and even rate/review content. Additionally, site-wide gamification features will offer users real rewards for visiting the site, watching shows, and general interaction.

“We believe this will not only benefit home-based cord cutters, but also college students, military, and audiences abroad,” says FreeCast CEO William Mobley.

Further high profile updates include ‘LIVE Channel Selection,’ original web programming, an updated Facebook app and iPhone/Android compatible sites for TV Everywhere capability, on-demand box-office hits, and supplementary cord cutting products, all of which are designed to foster the growing community of cord cutters who are seeking to transition to a cable-free lifestyle.


  1. This Week In Gamification | EnGaming - June 9, 2012

    […], an existing online TV platform, includes gamification in its latest update.  The goal of these mechanics is to increase engagement for current users, and to entice new users to participate as well.  This will give it an edge over traditional TV-watching, and will ideally increase adoption rates. […]

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