Ex-lead programmer of “Plants vs Zombies” and ex-director at ChinaCache work together to gamify real-world deals with Gimmieworld

Imagine getting rewarded with a $2000 diamond ring by simply getting a game high score. Co-founded by Roy Liu, ex-lead programmer of “Plants vs Zombies” and David Ng, ex-director of Business Development at ChinaCache, Gimmieworld is a startup that combines both shopping and gaming together by rewarding game players with points that translate to real life rewards.

via Elizabeth Tan, e27.sg

Gamers that play games with Gimmieworld just have to rack up Gimmie points, which can be converted into discounts or actual products. It’s simple.

The team of six, who are all avid lovers of sports, came together and decided on Gimmie because of their love for basketball. In basketball, a wide-open lay-up is also called a Gimmie because it is an easy manuover. Gimmie is therefore purposed to reflect the concept of the app – to fit both shopping and gaming together in easiest manner possible.

Gimmieworld also offers merchants a free advertising medium and is doubly attractive since gamification is able to result in higher user retention. Developers are also able to better analyze their users by finding out how, when, where they are logged in and also find out which part of their game engages users the most.

With twice as much of its users redeeming coupons than in the US, Gimmieworld receives a huge demand in emerging market such as Brazil. The startup is also slowing entering Asia and has since received positive feedback from users themselves. Many of who have posted how happy they were to have won free prizes just by playing games. Some of the games that have partnered with Gimmieworld include PeterPog, Ziggurat and ArtJam Trance.

Although merchants fancied the idea of distributing their coupons and having users pick what they want through this app, precautions were needed to ensure that merchants and game developers were a good fit because rewards needed to be relevant to users. Also, merchants needed to have a good mobile checkout system to help in the conversions.

Nonetheless, merchants are drawn to the idea because it offers a fresh and innovative distribution channel to advertise their product. Merchants did not need to commit to a huge advertising budget, and could use their current funds that were set aside to distribute coupons and free samples.

Gimmieworld is now focusing on providing custom white label solutions for their strategic partners while trying to enter the China market as well. Gimmieworld would be pitching at Echelon 2012 and are actively looking out for more partnerships and potential investors.


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    […] The Gimmieworld app rewards users with tangible goods for their digital participation.  Use the app as you shop and get rewarded–it’s that simple.  It is also very attractive to merchants because it represents free advertizing in a medium with high user engagement and retention. […]

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