This Week In Gamification [June 3-8]

This week on EnGaming, we looked at several real-world applications of gamification, a number of new digital platforms and apps, and heard a number of arguments about the field of gamification itself.  We also got some shocking news about Foursquare…

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Gamification Of Existing Products & Events

Cigna added gamification to the Calhoun annual cancer ride and walk.  It equipped walkers with pedometer-like devices, who would then earn money for the charity per calorie burned.  This provides real-time feedback for the participants, translating into additional motivation.

The Pierce County Library gamified its summer reading program for kids.  It includes badges and achievements, but most excitingly the chance to win an iPad., an existing online TV platform, includes gamification in its latest update.  The goal of these mechanics is to increase engagement for current users, and to entice new users to participate as well.  This will give it an edge over traditional TV-watching, and will ideally increase adoption rates.

Reliance Mobile’s highly successful social media campaign used gamification and clever hashtaging.  #FeelingBlue was strategically introduced before Twitter users knew that it was associated with the brand.  Once the association was revealed, contests were announced to elicit further engagement.

New Platforms & Apps

Alleyoop is game-like education software, sold directly to consumers.  It not only gamifies learning, but it also pointedly takes learning out of the classroom.  Gamification elements are primarily used to give users immediate feedback on exactly how they are learning.

Smarterer could be replacing the “skills” section on your resume.  This platform consists of standardized and gamified tests, that will help employers hire smarter and with more ease.  The tests focus on knowledge of many digital platforms that do not currently have corresponding tests.

The Gimmieworld app rewards users with tangible goods for their digital participation.  Use the app as you shop and get rewarded–it’s that simple.  It is also very attractive to merchants because it represents free advertizing in a medium with high user engagement and retention.

MuchCloser is Much Music’s gamified solution to bring fans closer to the TV shows that they already love.  Much Music is working with Badgeville for gamification, and is using mechanics like missions and rewards in combination with sharing through social media.

The Ever-Evolving Future Of Gamification

A summary of the recent Pew Report predicts an enduring future for gamification.  Gamification was identified as one of the top disruptive trends for 2012, and it was also predicted that over 50% of corporate innovation processes will be gamified by 2015.

In addition to the traditional content and add servers, publishers may now need an engagement server to be a cut above the rest.  This engagement server would house gamified content, and could breathe new life into traditional media.

Gamification is not yet being applied to sustainability/environmental initiatives, but it should be.  Right now, people are guilted into participation.  Why not use gamification instead of “shame-ification” and make it a positive experience.

We need to keep learning from gamers.  Gamification comes from observations about what games do really well.  We need to keep learning from them, so that we can continue to get the desired results from gamification.  The next step might be to learn from community-building and the acquisition of tacit knowledge.

The Shocking News

Foursquare Redesign Ditches Gamification!?!?  Don’t panic yet.  Foursquare is shifting its core focus away from its gamified elements, but they will still be there.  The new design will display social updates, deals, and recommendations most prominently, whereas the gamified elements such as mayorship will be relegated to the very bottom of each page.

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