This Week In Gamification: June 10-16

In the mood for some Saturday reading?  Missed this week’s gamification news, or want a reminder?  Here’s what happened on EnGaming this week:

via Nicole Strong @niccistrong,

This week there were a number of articles regarding B2B or enterprise gamification.  We featured the success of Empire Avenue, which is a Klout-like platform for employees in the IT sector.  We were cautioned to think carefully about how a gamification rewards system fits the target audience, especially within employee cultures.  There was also some forecasting in Gamification: Just Another Step Towards The Post-Digital Business World, that gamification like technologies will become seamlessly integrated into every aspect of the near-future world of work.

– Hot Topics –

We learned about The Cheesecake Factory’s gamified training program, which includes an iPhone app.  We also learned how Quixy has gamified its hiring process by attracting puzzle-solving talent online.

We were encouraged to continue learning from games and the games industry in Power-Up Your Analytics Play.  In particular, it was pointed out that the games industry is exceptionally good at integrating analytics into its products, and then harnessing those results to market to their consumers.

– Education – 

In education this week, there were a number of new apps.  In particular, we looked at Penyopal Fruit Frenzy and DragonBox. These platforms are bringing learning outside the classroom and making it fun.  Users are not being tricked into learning–the goal of the game is to learn.  These apps are simply making the learning process fun, and giving users real-time feedback on their progress.

– Marketing – 

With regards to marketing this week, we heard wisdom from Kris Douggan of Badgeville, regarding use of gamification for brand and community management.  We saw gamification as marketing in action, with Jet Blue’s new online game show, Get Away With It.  We also featured a rebuttal to the Errant Signal gamification critique.  We learned that the upcoming London Olympics are set to include an online social media hub, which includes gamification, and we discovered the WYSIWYG social game creation tool, Qmerce, which has great potential for marketing campaigns.

– Coming Soon – 

Finally, we looked at the nominees for the Gamification Summit’s crowdsourced GAwards.  Check back next week for the winners!

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