Manny Pacquiao, LeBron James, Hope Solo Star In New Nike Plus Commercial [Gamified Shoes]

The new Nike+ technology will bring more gamification into everyday life–for two to three hundred dollars that is.  Their new shoe design features sensor technology that can transmit your stats to your mobile device, so that you can share and compete with the world.

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With Nike+ Basketball and Nike+ Training set to make their splashy debut on June 29, Nike has released a brand new commercial featuring the athletes who will be pushing the technology to the masses.  Featuring the likes of Manny Pacquiao, Hope Solo, LeBron James, Larry Fitzgerald, Li Na and Rafael Nadal conducting their various traning exercises, the Nike+ shoes are shown hard at work collecting all sorts of data for you to measure yourself against fellow athletes.

The technology found in the shoes is quite amazing.  Featuring pressure sensitive sensors, Nike+ detects your movement and how intense your workout is going, which is then transmitted to your mobile device. The data is then converted into metrics similar to those who have been using the Nike Fuelband, which you can then share with the world or just your friends. Nike+ will also be coming to the Xbox 360 and Kinect later this year to further push the concept of gamification.

The first shoes to drop in this brand new lineup will be the Nike Hyperdunk+, the Lunar Hyperworkout+ for women and the Nike Lunar TR 1+ for men.  Rumors are high that all of these shoes will be creeping into the $200 and even $300 range, so that might prevent a lot of people from jumping on the bandwagon.  However, if you are still a fan of the shoes, kKeep in mind that these same pairs will be available at a later time without the Nike+ technology.

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