Three Ways To Find New Date Ideas with [Gamification And] PearHaven

PearHaven’s new gamified social website for dating, or couples in long-term relationships, has a new simpler look and easier user interface.  Anyone, not just couples, can now find, create and record date ideas.

via @prweb

PearHaven, a website that focuses on three ways of finding, mapping and sharing date ideas, has released a new version of its site. Based on user demands, navigation within the site is now much easier with four main tabs. These new tabs include home, date ideas, add date and account. Further improvements are with map locations provided by Foursquare. Free sign- up is also simpler with direct connections through Facebook.

The improved PearHaven version was developed because of customer demand and feedback from single and paired users. Simplicity in the new design is stressed because it enables anyone to easily use the site. A new source for map locations is now through Foursquare. “Foursquare is the best refined database of places out there” says PearHaven founder, David Lackey.

More than dinner and a movie date site, PearHaven encourages and promotes a couple’s long-term romantic relationship. uses different features to keep couples romantically involved with each other. The website suggests and maps out new date ideas. The website also offers a fun game-like design called gamification where couples are rewarded achievement badges for their date experiences such as going on dates in different cities or connecting with other couples. While similar to Foursquare, which unlocks badges for individuals visiting new or unique places, PearHaven is for couples’ experiences. With more options of competitive or game-like date ideas available to earn achievement badges, a place to share memories and photos, PearHaven couples have a place where they can enrich their dating experiences and strengthen their relationships.

Pearhaven was created so the web could revolve around couples rather than individuals, utilizing all of the different sharing aspects of traditional social networks and bringing them into romantic relationships. The idea for PearHaven was born after a discussion about relationships between PearHaven founder, David Lackey and his girlfriend, which was spurred by a Social Psychology class he was taking at Princeton.

PearHaven is not a dating site. It’s an entirely new way to think about the web and relationships. Couples or single users can discover date ideas and record their memories., a social website with free sign-ups for people of all ages who are dating, engaged or married to record their dating experiences, connect with other couples, post photos and earn achievement badges for trying new date ideas. provides new date ideas and maps the locations. was founded by David Lackey, a student at Princeton University.



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