I See Greens: Badgeville acquires Gamification.org community from Gamify

Badgeville just got Gamification.org from Gamify, a Gamification Community, so what’s next? Sounds like it’s going to be a awesome place to go for any of your Gamification needs…but hey, come back to us once a while! 

 via Jure Klepic, @jkcallas examiner.com

During Gamification Summit held in San Francisco last week, Badgeville, The Behavior Platform and global gamification leader, announced the acquisition of the Gamification.org Community from Gamify. Since its launch in 2010, Gamification.org has become the number one resource and community for gamification news and best practices. The Gamification.org community also includes the Gamification handle on popular social networks including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+.

This acquisition comes on the heels of Badgeville’s $25M Series C round of funding, announced in May. Badgeville is using the funding to scale globally and enhance its product line, as well as to acquire properties and resources to advance the entire gamification industry.

“Badgeville is committed to not only enabling world-class companies to deploy gamification techniques, but also to leading the charge in sharing best practices and education for the entire industry,” said Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville. “This acquisition will enable us to offer world-class best practices on how to deploy gamification across a variety of industries. We plan to invest heavily into the community to allow others to participate in the development of these best practices.”

Badgeville will maintain the existing rich content curation and distribution for the entire world to learn about the industry, including leading books, videos, presentations, and more. Badgeville will enrich the current site by including world-class corporate content, examples, and case studies by industry leaders who are running the best gamification programs in the world. Badgeville will also invest heavily in growing the member community and establish tight ties with Badgeville’s own community of over 175 leading companies and gamification thought leaders from these respective firms.

“With the work we put into building Gamification.org as the number one resource for gamification information, we wanted to hand it off to the number one gamification company in the industry, and are thrilled that Badgeville and its team will continue to grow these resources,” said Nathan Lands, CEO, Gamify. “This enables us to now devote all of our time and resources into developing Gamify.com, the first ever HTML5 Virtual World, into a fun place to hang out and play, as well as participate in events to make a positive impact on the real world.”

Nathan Lands will stay involved in the community as an advisor to Gamification.org.

Source Article | Talk to Us | Daily Badges

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