Sports Highlights, Study, and Travel: It’s More Fun Gamified!

This week, sports network and community The Whistle has announced a partnership with gamification pioneer Bunchball. The Whistle aims to be a place for kids 16 and younger to stay in touch with the latest in sports, show of their athletic side, and engage with likeminded users. Gamifying the website is expected to harness the competitive nature and game-play mentality of sports to create an interactive, healthy environment for budding all-stars.

 But athletic kids aren’t the only ones having a little fun with gamification! Course Hero, the gamified digital learning tool provider, has announced the launch of a new public course creation platform, a feature that allows anyone to build and submit a course to the website. The development is intended to satisfy user demand for more content, and introduce new, fresh angles to online learning.

And meanwhile, on the other end of the globe Expedia has launched “Tag Me if You Can”, one of Australia’s biggest gamification projects yet. The playful contest features Amazing Race star Nathan Joliffe as he travels to top-secret destinations around the world. Users then guess and tag his location based on clues for a chance at $150,000. The competition will run until August 20th.

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