Bacteria Combat: Fight the good fight with antibiotic!

Bacteria Combat-title-sceen

Gamification has been in the health care industry for years, and this app Bacteria Combat, which will be launching on November 1st, aim to educate children about antibiotic resistance!

Developed by Future Fossil Studio and Scottish Microbiologist Carla Brown, Bacteria Combat is a battling card game which player plays with the “Friendly” and “Dangerous” bacteria.

The Game: Player will be fighting NPC enemy: The Bacteria Bot, by using player’s own bacteria cards. Play must use different stats on the card to win the game, those stats include: Strength, Regan, Speed, and Resistance. Each card also includes a short description of the bacteria, which further educate the player, as well as setting the characteristic of each card.


The Education: To bring awareness of misuse and overdose of antibiotic, which is currently commonly unaware. Those actions let to problem of antibiotic resistance, where bacteria become more immune to medications.

Hopefully this app will help educate more people on the topic of bacteria and antibiotic, and even with its original goal of aiming for children, we believe it will actually catch the attention of a much wider group of audience.

Developer: Carla Brown @Sci_Game_Girl

  • A Scottish Microbiologist | CEO of Game Dr | Head developer of Bacteria Combat
  • blog: gamifyingscience

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