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Great Read: Simple Gamification Framework via Andrzej

From one of the Twitter #Gamification guru Andrzej Marczewski (a.k.a. ninja turtles), here comes the ‘Simple Gamification Framework’…or we can see it as the ‘Gamification for  Dummy Part I’ . It comes with 8 questions to ask yourself, and 7 things to remember, including our favor part “Plan for CHEATERS”. Thanks for the post  Andrzej! Simple Gamification […]

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Monopoly: A Fun Example of Gamification

EnGaming’s Note: You have no idea how excited we were  (and still are) when we first heard that @daverage is going to write a feature post for us! In case you haven’t heard, Andrzej Marczewski (aka @daverage, aka TMNT) is ranked 2nd on the Gamification Guru List on Gamification of Work, and he is also an […]

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