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Can Apps Transform Learning Into Games?

There have been a number of recent education app releases, including DragonBox and PenyoPal Food Frenzy. Learning games are becoming increasingly successful.  It’s not about tricking kids into learning–these apps are most successful when learning is the goal of playing and gamification just makes reaching that goal fun. via Joshua Gans @parentonomics, forbes.com There has […]

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DragonBox: Algebra Beats Angry Birds [Gamified Education]

DragonBox is an algebra education app that uses gamification to make learning as appealing as Angry Birds.  Designed for Mac and Android, the app has had great success in its Norway pre-launch. via Jonathan H. Liu @jonathanhliu, wired.com All right, kids! Raise your hand if you like algebra! Hmmm. Now, raise your hands if you […]

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