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Can Gamification Make You a Better Driver? Yes?!

Note: We all knew or played GTA, and thats not exactly the best way to learn how to drive in the city. However Gamification on the other hand is a different story…just don’t take the game too literally.  via Seth Porges @sethporges, mashable.com | Image Source: : Link It’s almost kind of funny: As driving video […]

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From CheckPoints to Fitbit, New Business Approach Borrows From Video Game Design

Via Jerry Osteryoung @jerryosteryoung, Tallahasse.com Occasionally in my columns I highlight emerging technologies that entrepreneurs should be aware of and consider for their operations. This week, I want to talk about gamification, a new tool that has many neat applications for businesses. The word was coined in 2004 and, in 2010, became widely used. The […]

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