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Game on: 3 Ways to Make Money with Gamification

via Chris Kenny, Nashville Business, bizjournals.com | Source Image:Link With people spending three billion hours a week playing online games, we’ve certainly come a long way since Joshua (the computer in “WarGames“) ominously asked:“Shall we play a game?” From fitness to fast food to life insurance, today more brands are using online “gamification” strategies to drive participation, engagement and loyalty. In […]

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Gamification Advocates Better Living Through Video Games

We often talk about gamification in terms of familiar apps and platforms.  From overcoming illness to matching genetic material, here is a gamification overview through some fresh examples. via David Mattin, thenational.ae Life: it’s just a game. We’ve all heard that before, and as a philosophy to live by it’s never felt too convincing. But […]

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