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Is Gamification for Real? An Interview with Gabe Zichermann!

via Shelly Palmer, sys-con.com | Image Source | Source Article  Three years ago, the word “gamification“ would have turned up zero Google results. Today, that same search yields 13 million entries. Clearly, the idea of using game thinking and mechanics to engage audiences and solve problems is gaining appeal. Tech companies like Oracle and Salesforce have made sizable gamification […]

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Gamificatio.co: “GSUMMITx Meetup Launches with a Bang in London” [Video]

From Gamification.co: We held our first GSUMMITx in London this April 30th. Thanks to our venue sponsor, Capgemini, we were able to host a great meetup with over 40 people. Gabe Zichermann kicked it off with a fantastic talk. His three F’s were resounding in our collective heads afterward “Fun, Friends and Feedback”. Next up with […]

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