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How Game Designers Are Influencing the World of Gamification

EnGaming’s Note: How is game designer influencing Gamification? If is up to me i would say “EVERYTHING!”…but it’s not. Featuring two great, and experienced game designers’ talk in GSummit:  Niccole Lazzaro, who had spent the last 20 years in the players’ experience research, and which led her to the “Four Keys of Fun” (bigger image). Hard […]

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[Games & Gamification Conference] Ottawa Gamers Urged To Diversify For Success

Attendees at this week’s Ottawa Game Conference were urged to branch out from traditional game development, and consider gamification.  Speakers identified gamification as an area of high demand in the near future. via Elizabeth Howell @elizabethhowell, obj.ca Participants were told to develop products for multiple platforms – such as both consoles and mobile devices – […]

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Don’t Love Games? Step Away From The Gamification

via Andrzej Marczewski @daverage, Games. I love them. Board games, card games, video games and anything else you can put the word games after. I play them, I write about them, I think about them, I dream about them and from time to time I even try my hand at making them (http://www.fuzzyd.co.uk/robbers). So what […]

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