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[Awesome] 7 Examples: Put Gamification To Work

via Debra Donston-Miller, informationweek.com An increasing number and variety of business applications are integrating game mechanics, or gamification, to improve user engagement, engage new customers, incent employees, build loyalty, and more. amification is the art, and sometimes science, of applying game theory and mechanics in non-game contexts. Businesses have used game mechanics for years–often in […]

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Awesome! Raptr Will Give You Targeted Rewards Just for Playing Games

via Dean Takahashi @deantak, venturebeat.com Raptr, the gamer social network with 12 million hardcore users, is unveiling a novel rewards program today that gives targeted bonuses to gamers just for playing their favorite titles. Judging by sponsors such as Microsoft and Blizzard jumping on board the program, being a gamer is about to get a […]

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