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Playing Games at Work: How HR Leaders Use Gamification

EnGaming’s Note: Few great examples of how people are using Gamification at work, including HR, data collection, App development, and more! Thanks Carol for this sweet and practical post. via Carol Harnett, hreonline.com,  July 2 2012 | Image Source: link HR leaders who want to add “gamification” techniques to their programs need to begin by focusing on […]

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EliNext Gamification Services Help Companies Promote Products, Engage Customers, And Train Employees

EliNext is taking a more serious stab at gamification, after holding a special meeting devoted to its use. With successful fores into gamification of apps, the company is now setting its sights on using game mechanics in recruiting, HR management, and training. via prweb.com To reinforce the ongoing commitment to customer demands, EliNext Senior Managers […]

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