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Beintoo: “Gamification-badges-meet-Groupon-offers” Just Got $5M in Series A Funding

Note: Beintoo is a loyalty platform for mobile apps, that allows the user to gain points from simply using other apps or play games. This Italian startup just got $5 million from Italian VC firm Innogest Capital…  via Alberto D’Ottavi @dottavi, tomsguide.com | Image Source: link Italian startups go international and grow fast – very fast, […]

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5 Reasons [Including Gamification] Mobile Is The Future Of Sustainability

We’ve seen gamification and sustainability intertwine many times over the past few weeks, most recently including efforts to save the Indian Tiger and Practically Green’s gamification award win.  It’s no surprise that this article lists a type of gamification on this list. via Zoe Fox @zoebfox, mashable.com Social media and technology hold a unique position […]

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