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Best Mobile Startups 2012: MOGL, Eating Out Gamified!

via Sarah Silbert, blog.laptopmag.com @laptopmag MOGL: Eating Out–Gamified Eatery-themed apps are hardly just for finding your next favorite restaurant à la Yelp. MOGL, a San Diego-based startup founded in 2010, combines restaurant loyalty with charitable donations. Each time a MOGL user spends $20 at a partner restaurant, the app donates a meal to a person […]

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Enterprise gamification: Will it drive better business performance?

via Dion Hinchcliffe @dhinchcliffe, zdnet.com Like social media, and usually closely integrated with it, gamification is an emerging new field that’s still difficult to broach in many management circles because of its perception that it’s not an appropriate or serious enough business topic. Yet a growing number of impressive outcomes as well as a burgeoning […]

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The Sunday Parody: World of Gamification

Rise of Gamification Platforms Gamification is a trend emerging in businesses, and many companies and researchers have become respected experts and influencers in this area. These companies have gamification platforms that help companies increase engagement with their customers… [MORE] Featuring: Eyal Magen, Jim Scullion, Keith Smith, Irving Fain, Dennis Crowley, Gabe Zichermann, Kris Duggan and Nathan Lands. (Click Image to Enlarge) . Should You Gamify […]

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