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How Gamification Can Power Up Your Business

via Patrick Stafford @pdstafford, smartcompany.com Entrepreneurs are treating their companies like games – and the business has never been better. What first began as a few ideas for improving the consumer experience of applications and customer service is now infiltrating the very fibre of company culture as cold hard policy. And while gamification has been […]

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Unlocking the Gaming Secrets of ‘Clear’ in New Update

Via Nissa Campbell @NissaCam, toucharcade.com “Back when Supermono released EpicWin [$2.99], its to-do list RPG, we spent some time contemplating whether adding game mechanics to productivity apps would really help people be more productive. That’s the question that rests at the heart of all discussions about “gamification”—do carefully tuned game mechanics drive us to perform tasks we might otherwise ignore? HasFarmville claimed […]

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