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[Gamified App] Zurmo’s Game-Face Aims To Make CRM Fun and Boost Usage

The Zurmo CRM app is turning into a hot topic in the gamification news world! Here’s an article with more detailed information about its gamification efforts. via Barry Levine, newsfactor.com There’s customer relationship management and there’s games, right? Not for an open-source project called Zurmo, which believes the two belong together. On Wednesday, Zurmo announced […]

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Zurmo Open Source CRM App Pins Its Hopes On Gamification

In response to difficulties with CRM platform user adoption rates, Zurmo (now in beta) has opted to design with gamification.  Gamification mechanics will be leveraged to make software use more engaging, but to motivate employees to meet business-related milestones. via Chris Kanaracus, infoworld.com The backers of a new open source CRM application called Zurmo are […]

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