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Gamified: Using green gamification for fun and fame

via Vreni Hommes @VHommes, greenbiz.com Badgeville just made it easier for innovative companies to use online games to influence customer behavior and increase brand loyalty. Last week, the company released Gamification Frameworks, a collection of six turnkey gamification solutions. This news is part of a larger trend. Gartner predicts that by 2014 more than 70 percent of Global […]

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Green Gamification: A Game Of Monopoly For Green-Collar Jobs Instead Of Tycoons

via Michael J. Coren @MJ_Coren, fastcoexist.com GBO Hawaii puts players on the path to helping the state meet its renewable energy needs, but many pitfalls await. Board games reflect the times. Monopoly emerged during an epoch of industrial titans and robber barons. Twister transmuted the sexual revolution into four colored rows. Now, Scott Cooney has created […]

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Green gaming for Earth Day

  Via Libe Goad @libe_goad, zdnet.com “It’s hard to argue about the evils of gamification when it’s being used to inspire people and corporations to act responsibly, whether that’s to improve your waistline, learn basic mathematics or, in the spirit of Earth Day, to go green. There have been many programs, both online and in the […]

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