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How Game Designers Are Influencing the World of Gamification

via Irfan Kamal, social@ogilvy| Image Source: link Gamification can drive people, organizations and even societies to achieve goals. Ordinary life already has many examples of how gamification drives people. The game of competing for the highest net worth or visible expressions of wealth drives many to pursue wealth far beyond what’s required for a comfortable life. […]

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The Social Side Of The Olympics

The London Olympics are set to include an online social media hub, which includes gamification, to engage fans across the world like never before. via Pam Flores, business2community.com My entire life I have been an Olympic Games junkie. No matter if it was the Summer or Winter Games, I found myself counting down the days […]

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Building Successful [Gamified] Consumer Apps In The Age Of The Humblebrag

We’ve all observed the humblebrag: the nonchalant brag masquerading as a humble statement.  Social media plays to this behavior, as a broadcasting medium.  Regardless of the extent of our bragging, we are unavoidably conscious of the identity that we portray online.  Furthermore, constructing a positive identity through social media makes us feel good about ourselves–why […]

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