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Next Berlin: Love in Times of Gamification with Alper Cugun

via Next Berlin, Alper Cugun | Source Alper Cugun – Love in Times of Gamification Alper Cugun, Hubbub Not long ago digital games were something only a very specific group of people played and loved. Due to technological and cultural changes, new forms of gaming emerged and attracted a wide range of users. Most of […]

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EnGaming’s Note: If you are a foursquare user, or have been following gamification, you should know that foursquare had lost many users who simply don’t care about being the mayor anymore. As a result, it forced foursquare to re-think its strategy, and here it is, “RTE” or Right Time Experiences. RTE basically means delivering the right […]

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“Gamification” Gets a Lab of Its Own! and 10 Million Dollars!

EnGaming’s Note: Ok, so we missed this one a few days ago. It was posted back in June 28, and it talks about how “Gamification” gets a lab (see title). GLASS, aka Game, Learning, and Assessment Lab is an new initiative in the Institute of Play, and just got $10.3 million from big players like EA, […]

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Bed Battles [Gamification App] Wants To Make Waking Up … Social?

Bed Battles is an app to have come out of this weekend’s Hack & Jill Hackathon.  It uses gamifies waking up early, by letting users challenge each other to get up earlier. via Janko Roettger @jank0, Can you be social before you have your first cup of coffee? Bed Battles thinks so, and it […]

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JetBlue To Launch Live Online Game Show [Video]

via Emma Hutchings @psfk, JetBlue is launching an online game show that will be streamed five times a day for five days (June 18-22) live from a New York studio. JetBlue Getaways Presents Get Away With Itaims to use gamification to engage consumers and promote its vacation packages with new media integration. The New […]

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Pew Report On The Future Of Gamification

What will the future of gamification look like? A recent Pew Research Center study marks it as a strong and continuing trend.  What do you think? via David Miller with Pew Internet @pewinternet, “Gamification” is a term used to describe the application of game mechanics to drive real-world action. It’s a hot topic among […]

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[Gamified Apps] Active Network Launches Suite Of Mobile Apps For Event Organisers

via Active Network has announced its suite of Business Solutions mobile applications for event organizers, which it claims will allow organizers to produce their own apps for meetings and events of all sizes. The Business Solutions suite includes Conference for large flagship conferences, RegOnline for attendee management solutions, StarCite SMM for strategic meetings management […]

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